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Sage Estimating v11.1 (SQL) Overview Brochure
Sage Estimating v11.1 (SQL) Sales Sheet
Feature Comparison - v9.8 (Pervasive) vs. v11.1 (SQL)
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PlanSwift for Sage    

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Sage Estimating v11.1  (SQL)  

Look for the second release of Sage Estimating (SQL) v11.2 coming in December 2011, bringing more key updates and enhancements.  [click for details...]     


Q: If I decide Id like to migrate to the new Sage Estimating solution, how can I do so?
A:  If you are on a support plan, you can choose to continue on your current Estimating software and receive updates as you do today, or you can opt to migrate to the new Sage Estimating software (SQL Express) for free.
Q: Besides a SQL Server database, how is Sage Estimating different than my current Estimating software?
A: The new Sage Estimating solution will have an updated and modern user interface as well as some new features not in the current Estimating software.