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Sage Estimating
Cut & Fill Estimating Report Manager
Database Editor
Digitizer Digitizer Extended
ePlan Takeoff Integrator Estimating Viewer
Estimating Explorer Model Estimating
PlanSwift for Sage Scheduling Integrator


Advanced Assembly Composite Database Commercial General Contractor
Advanced Assembly Commercial Database Commercial Highway/Heavy
Advanced Assembly Residential Database Commercial HVAC
Advanced Assembly Concrete/Masonry Database Commercial Plumbing
Advanced Assembly Site Work Database Commercial/Residential Landscaping
Advanced Assembly Starter Database Commercial Site Utilities
Commercial Knowledgebase Commercial Steel
Electrical Knowledgebase Electrical Commercial/Industrial
Residential Knowledgebase Industrial HVAC
RSMeans Databases Industrial Process Piping
Commercial Concrete/Masonry Industrial Process & Plant
Commercial Drywall Residential Homebuilder



Enhancements for Sage Estimating

Sage Bid Management

Sage Bid Management
allows estimators and project managers to efficiently manage all aspects of the bid process. Project leaders can quickly reach and qualify the right bidders, share and track pertinent project information, including changes and clarifications all from a single, convenient, and easy to use online location.

    Sage Bid Management

eTakeoff Dimension

eTakeoff Dimension, an electronic quantity takeoff product distributed by Sage, significantly increases accuracy, productivity, and speed over traditional paper or manual takeoff methods. This powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use tool provides estimators sophisticated assembly capabilities, extensive Microsoft Excel integration, and time-saving features like Pattern Search to greatly improve the takeoff process. When integrating with Sage Estimating, eTakeoff Bridge* helps you improve your estimating productivity even more as you seamlessly move from takeoff to building your estimate.

    eTakeoff Dimension & eTakeoff Bridge

PlanSwift for Sage

PlanSwift for Sage  - PlanSwift is the fastest and easiest to use software for accurately completing construction takeoffs on your computer screen. With the PlanSwift visual point-and-click interface, users can drag and drop individual products or assembled product groups directly onto a digitized blueprint. PlanSwift calculates the takeoffs automatically - saving valuable time and effort.
PlanSwift 9.0 has been officially released with many new customer-requested enhancements...[more]


On Center Software

On Center Software - On-Screen Takeoff  - Digital takeoff technology continues to be one of the hottest areas of growth for construction technology. With that in mind, the applications that will stand out from the crowd are those that are continually enhanced for productivity improvement. In the past year, On Center Software has reinvested in its application, announcing the latest upgrades in On-Screen Takeoff 3.7. The handling and performance of PDF files has been improved in the product. In particular, the process of flipping through pages of a plan has been sped up using a combination of cached memory, color options, and algorithms. On Center Software also expanded the support of image file types to include Autodesk DWFx files. A second view window and compatibility with Windows 7 were among the other highlights of this upgrade to one of the most widely used digital takeoff tools in the industry.

    On Center Software On-Screen Takeoff
Estimating Databases (Industry-Specific)

Construction Support Services - Databases are fully-integrable with Sage Estimating.

General Contractor Database
(2004 divisions of the CSI Master Format)
Residential Roofing Database
General Contractor Database
(1995 divisions of the CSI Master Format)
Commercial Roofing Database
General Contractor Database (w/ Crews) Underground Utility Database
Commercial Concrete Database Streets & Utilities Database
Home Builder Database Structural Steel Database
Residential Concrete Database Wood Framing Database


MyAssistant for Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate is an easy-to-use tool that actively monitors your business and notifies you of issues you deem important. Give MyAssistant an unlimited number of Tasks, schedule when each checks your business, and then be notified in Microsoft Outlook when something needs attention.  To help you get started, MyAssistant comes with 125 construction or 75 real estate pre–built Tasks. You can also create your own using a simple wizard.

    MyAssistant  (click envelope for Outlook email notification example)
      Improve Your Service Business with MyAssistant
      MyAssistant for Construction
      MyAssistant for Specialty Construction
      MyAssistant for Real Estate
      MyAssistant Task List - for Service Management
      MyAssistant Task List - for Real Estate
      MyAssistant Task List - for Construction

Event 1 Software

Event 1 - Office Connector is a superior integration for Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate and Microsoft Excel which provides functions and tools for direct access to data in the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate database including read and write access.

  [details]     Event 1 Office Connector Starter Edition for Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate
  [details]     Event 1 Office Connector - Query
  [details]     Event 1 Office Connector - Write
  [details]     Event 1 Office Connector - Import


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Whether you're working in commercial and industrial construction, residential construction, electrical construction or any other specialty, Sage Estimating gives you the flexibility, speed and accuracy to generate competitive estimates, bids and budgets. An innovative spreadsheet interface is supported by fast takeoff tools, a comprehensive price database, and a wide range of ways to analyze and fine-tune your project before you commit your first dime.

For every phase of your project. From the initial planning stage to producing PO commitments, Sage Estimating offers a wide range of sophisticated solutions to meet distinct needs. Want to do takeoffs directly from CAD drawing files? Transfer your estimate into accounting for job costing? Consider it done.  

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