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Report Features
  • Vendor List

  • Payable Journal

  • Vendor Insurance

  • Invoice Journal V

  • Vendor Aging

  • Vendor Payments

  • Vendor Balances

  • Payable Ledger

  • 1099 Balances

  • Vendor Payment Journal

  • Payable Invoice List

  • Workers' Compensation Report

  • Payable Aging

  • Payable Cost Audit

  • Job Report

  • Payable General Ledger

  • Distribution

  • Vendor Documents

  • Lien Waivers

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Accounts Payable gives you tighter financial controls over your expenditures so you can avoid overpayments, double-payments, and fees. You’ll lessen the chances of fraud, mistakes, or supplier errors with automatic invoice entry from purchase orders. Receive warnings when budgets, subcontracts, or purchase orders have been exceeded for improved job cost management. Accounts Payable also allows for greater liability protection because you only pay subcontractors with current certificates of insurance by automatically tracking expiration dates.

By tracking expiration dates on workers' compensation, liability insurance, and contractor licenses, the system can warn you before you pay subcontractors who have not supplied you with current documentation. In addition, you can track each subcontract separately to prevent payment if there is a dispute over the contract.

You may select from a wide variety of check formats or create your own. Choose multiple check stubs or special check reports to list all of the invoices paid.

Make a partial payment or designate dual payees on any invoice, and decide which credits to apply to a payment prior to running checks. You can even override discount dates to take discounts that have expired!

Aging reports can be run as of the end of any prior period to match financials even after the period has been closed. Compliance reports and 1099 forms are also included in the extensive reporting options.

Accounts Payable Reports
All Sage 100 Contractor reports can be customized for your specific needs. Their extensive features can show you how you keep your money longer, and stay current with insurance and other payments.

Take advantage of the report drill-down capability to navigate to the numbers and background detail behind the scene. You can also update the information in real time for accurate, up-to-the- minute analysis.

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