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Sage 100 Contractor - Scheduling

Project Managers can schedule and allocate resources quickly and efficiently with easy-to-use Critical Path Management (CPM) and Gantt chart graphical scheduling integrated with Estimating Basic and allowing you to assign vendor, equipment, and employees to various tasks. Automatically generate a call sheet that lists every subcontractor and supplier needed on your jobs, including their phone numbers, dates, schedules, and work descriptions.

Start on time, finish on time—and come in under budget. Sage 100 Contractor offers powerful, critical path management (CPM) scheduling capabilities and assistance to efficiently allocate production resources. You’ll especially appreciate the ability to automatically generate subcontractor and supplier notices informing them when to perform work and make deliveries, Benefit from features such as:

  • Task lists—Generate task lists with all vendors and subcontractors already assigned directly from your estimate when using Estimating Basic
  • Gantt Chart and Critical Path Management—Manage schedules and effectively allocate production resources through an easy-to-use scheduling system.
  • Schedule updating capabilities—Quickly adjust tasks with drag and drop ease; the software will automatically re-adjust other tasks, adding or removing time as required.
  • Project notices—Get your crews and subcontractors on the right jobs at the right time with automated project notices.
  • Supplier notices—Have job materials where they need to be, when they need to be there, with automated materials lists and purchase orders.
  • Automatic report generation—Save time and effort communicating schedule changes. Print, fax, or e-mail these notices to subcontractors, suppliers, and employees at set intervals that you select.

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