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Sage 100 Contractor - Reporting and Analysis

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Sage 100 Contractor Executive Dashboard


Business success is no accident. Ensuring that your company grows and thrives requires that you engage in strategic analysis and tactical tracking of day-to-day jobs and overall company profitability. Only accurate, reliable data can help you make the tough decisions as you learn from previous errors or inconsistencies. Sage 100 Contractor, formerly Sage Master Builder, has reporting and analysis tools that can help you get the critical information you need to maintain—and plan for—your company’s success.

Reporting and Analysis
Having precise and dependable data before, during, and after a job is vital to keeping your company profitable. When you utilize the built-in Sage 100 Contractor analysis tools and comprehensive reports, you will be able to:

  • Make better, more informed business decisions.
  • Create financial budgets for the company and each individual department.
  • Catch project and business-related problems early to take corrective actions.
  • Know how profitable your company is and understand the sources of that profitability.
  • Learn which projects are most lucrative—and why—with complete job cost information.
  • Better manage and plan for cash flow contingencies.
  • Understand business trends by reviewing revenues, costs, profits, losses, and more.
  • Create mandated reports, such as bonding, simply and quickly.
  • Export key information and reports to Microsoft Excel to perform further analysis.     Back to top

Job Costing
Catch runaway costs during the job, not after. Accurately creating, maintaining, and monitoring job cost information is the surest way to stay on budget and prevent job costs from getting out of control, which can decrease your profitability. With the leading-edge job costing tools found in Sage 100 Contractor, you will be able to see where you are profitable and where you need to make changes on a day-to-day basis. Sage 100 Contractor job costing capabilities can help you with:

  • Actual cost to budgeted information—Compare actual costs to budget to facilitate more accurate decision making and course corrections.
  • Accurate job cost information—Precisely record and manage fully burdened labor, materials, supplies, equipment, and more.
  • More accurate future estimates—Review historical job cost information to apply to future estimates for continued profitability.
  • Job cost journal—Compare actual versus budgeted labor by crew to know how effectively you are estimating labor.
  • Bonding, Work in Progress (WIP), and loan requirement documentation—Create accurate, specialized job cost reports as needed.
  • Change work management—Effectively track and invoice for all change work.
  • Automated time and materials billing—Save costs and data input time with automated time and materials billing direct from job cost information.      Back to top

Generating accurate and timely reports and documentation can help set your construction company apart as well as give you tools to better monitor production and other functions.
  Report Sampler

The extensive pre-built and custom reporting capabilities in Sage 100 Contractor provide you with the means to accomplish these goals.

The Sage 100 Contractor form design capability allows you to change the look of any form, eliminating the need for expensive pre-printed forms. With the Report Writer, you can quickly and easily customize an existing report or create your own—specific to your particular requirements.

The Report Scheduler saves you time by giving you the ability to pre-schedule the automatic delivery of reports to customers, subcontractors, suppliers, or employees by fax, e-mail, or to your own printer. Together, the Sage 100 Contractor report and form functions provide you with:

  • Customizable standard reports and forms—Impress clients with professional, customized reports and forms.
  • New report and form creation—Create your own reports and forms easily and simply.
  • Personal defaults and templates—Save personal defaults or templates for repeated use to save you time.
  • Export functionality—Export any Sage 100 Contractor standard report into Excel to perform even more analysis.
  • External report writer—Use Crystal Reports and other leading report writers to read Sage 100 Contractor data for your special reporting requirements.     Back to top

Sage 100 Contractor Executive Dashboard
Take command of your business like never before with the Sage 100 Contractor Executive Dashboard. You’ll be able to check the overall financial health of your company at a glance—quickly and easily. The Executive Dashboard gives you instant access to the information you need most. From a single location you’ll be able to view and drill-down into the details of key business metrics such as:    
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  • Cash Balances
  • Cash Position
  • Company Profitability
  • Change Orders
  • Job Profitability

Report Drill-Down
Just like with the Sage 100 Contractor Executive Dashboard, you can drill-down multiple levels to record and transaction detail with the report drill-down capability. More than 1,000 pre-built reports, as well as your own customized reports, become dynamic information portals, allowing you to navigate to the numbers and background detail behind the scene. You can also update the information in real time for accurate, up-to-the-minute analysis.   
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By getting fast, comprehensive visibility into the "why" behind the numbers, you can:

  • Catch production scheduling problems early.
  • Improve your production processes for future jobs.
  • Correct problems early on—ensuring costs stay on track. 

Project Work Center
For contractors and builders, clear communication with clients and subcontractors is the key to success—one more reason you need Sage 100 Contractor in your back office. Quickly view and access important job elements that require your attention, such as project management and accounting tasks, from a single screen. The Project Work Center is your all-in-one command center for key project details.

From one user-friendly screen, you can manage every essential task for a job. Arrange Sage 100 Contractor menu items to view only what you choose. Just click to access:

  • Hot lists—Easily see and act on all outstanding project management and accounting tasks.
  • Job costs—View high-level job information, such as approved changes and costs to date.
  • Gantt charts—View production schedule by task grid, Gantt chart or critical path.     Back to top

Financial Review
At times, financial information is easier to understand when presented in the form of a chart. Sage 100 Contractor can generate charts from data in the ledger accounts of the active company. You can then use the charts to review and analyze trends in your company. Generate charts based on:

  • Financial data from the current fiscal year.
  • A comparison between the current and last fiscal year.
  • 12 rolling months.
  • A comparison between the budgeted costs and actual costs.
  • Create line, area, two- and three-dimensional bar charts.
  • Print, save to file, or copy to the clipboard and paste charts in another report or document.

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