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Desktop Subcontracts
Budget Document Control
Job Cost Project Management Work Center
Purchasing Equipment Management
With job costing construction software for Sage 100 Contractor, formerly Sage Master Builder, your production processes are ensured to run smoothly and efficiently. Our key production and reporting tools, such as the Project Work Center, customizable Desktop, detailed Job Cost, and Document Control, gives you the exact data you need precisely when you need it.

With productivity enhancements at your fingertips, you can easily tackle the tough details of your business operations successfully every day.

The Sage 100 Contractor Desktop can be easily customized by the role performed within the company.  As the owner or project manager, you can drop and drag icons to the desktop for the features and reports you use on a regular basis. Get up and running quickly—just learn the components of the software you need to do your job.

Job Cost for Sage 100 Contractor provides extensive and comprehensive budgeting capabilities, putting you in control of each and every job before any work begins. Take advantage of features such as:

  • Estimate importing—Reduce data input time and ensure accuracy by importing budget information directly from Sage 100 Contractor estimates.
  • Detailed job costing—Use budget information as the basis for bonding, job status, cost to complete, Work in Progress (WIP), and other reports.
  • Cost-to-complete reports—Assign a percentage for the amount of work completed on each task to project what the actual cost to complete will be on a job.
  • Committed costs analysis—Get an accurate picture of real-time job costs and variances from budget to keep you on course.    Back to top

You can also verify job costs as you enter them. Your budget will integrate with Work in Progress, bonding, job status, and several reports that facilitate cost comparisons within the job costing construction software.

Job Cost
With detailed job cost capability, gain complete control over your job costs before they become a problem. You can track actual versus budgeted cost variances on jobs as they progress. With this powerful job costing construction software, you can detect cost overruns early, so they can be adjusted sooner. Sage 100 Contractor functionality helps you eliminate surprises and gives for better insight into your job costs with:

  • Actual cost to budgeted information—Compare actual costs to budget to facilitate more accurate decision making and course corrections.
  • Accurate job cost information—Precisely record and manage fully burdened labor, materials, supplies, equipment, and more.
  • More accurate future estimates—Review historical job cost information to apply to future estimates for continued profitability.
  • Job cost journals—Compare actual versus budgeted labor by crew to know how effectively you are estimating labor.
  • Bonding, WIP, and loan requirement documentation—Create accurate, specialized job cost reports as needed.
  • Change work management—Effectively track and invoice for all change work.
  • Automated time and materials billing—Save costs and data input time with automated time and materials billing direct from job cost information.      Back to top

Sage 100 Contractor is more than just  job costing construction software. Purchase orders help you schedule and track all job-related material deliveries to avoid wasting a crew’s time when materials aren’t available. Sage 100 Contractor purchase orders—generated straight from your estimate—are fully integrated with Sage 100 Contractor accounting functions to give you:

  • Overpayment protection—Guard against overpaying or double-paying invoices.
  • Ordering flexibility—Order parts and materials in stages, as needed, to protect cash flow, improve inventory management, and reduce the risk of material losses.
  • Committed costs reports—See what money you’ve already committed to each job to catch potential budget overages before they happen.
  • Vendor-specific warnings—Protect your cash and your staff’s time by only approving invoices that have a PO number or invoices not exceeding the PO amount.
  • Material status reports—Quickly see what has been ordered, delivered, and back-ordered to ensure your crews have the materials they need to keep jobs moving forward.      Back to top

You can generate purchase orders from your completed estimates or generate them separately. Simplify the accounts payable process and avoid overpayments. Plus, you’ll have all job-related materials on-site and on time.

Manage your interaction with every subcontractor—retention, approved and open change orders, expired workers’ compensation, and liability insurance—from start to finish. Extensive subcontract functionality within Sage 100 Contractor provides:

  • Professional subcontracts with billing forms included--Properly document all subcontractor work, budgets, payment information, and more.
  • Double-payment or overpayment safeguards—Eliminate double-paying and double-billing by monitoring subcontractor billings and retention.
  • Certificates of insurance monitoring—Mitigate risk of expired subcontractor workers’ compensation, liability insurance, safety certification, and more.
  • Subcontract change order management—Easily update subcontracts with changes. Monitor, open, and approve all subcontractor change work.
  • Subcontract audit report—Monitor the status of all subcontracts including changes, invoices, and balances remaining.    Back to top

Change Order Management
Easily assure you get paid for all the work you do by updating your contract, budget, and subcontracts in just one step. Because you can approve each part of the change independently, you can still negotiate subcontracts after approval of the prime contract. Sage 100 Contractor will automatically update billing once change orders are approved. Features include:

  • Single screen monitoring—Use one screen to modify your prime contract, or any number of subcontracts and budget items, making updating simple and quick.
  • Professional customized change order forms—Include all change items, notes, costs, and time delays for complete documentation.
  • Change order status—Avoid starting work without written approval. Monitor all open and pending change orders.
  • Prime contract audit report—Avoid disputes and get paid more quickly by including job information reports.
  • Flexible change order billing—Invoice for change work separately even using a different billing method, such as time and materials billing.
  • Back-charge and cross-charge change orders—Have the capability to perform back charges or move work from one subcontractor to another.
  • Internal change orders—Track all change work whether billed to the client or not. Improve documentation throughout the job for better project management    Back to top

Document Control
Increase your productivity by enhancing and automating your communications with your employees, vendors and subcontractors.  With the Document Control option, you will never lose track of important project management documents and you will have complete control of every item needed for a project. Requests for Information (RFIs), Requests for Proposal (RFPs), Transmittals, Submittals, Daily Field Reports, and Correspondence integrate with Estimating, Change Orders, Purchase Orders, Subcontracts and Payroll making the process of project management complete, fast, accurate, and reliable. Utilize specific documents such as:

  • Requests for Information (RFIs)—Document your requests and match to information received.
  • Requests for Proposal (RFPs) )—Directly generate your RFPs from the takeoff screen and manage them through the bidding process including transferring to purchase orders once subcontracts are approved. Transmittals and submittals—Track all correspondence and replies.
  • Plan records—Maintain plan revisions and document the delivery of critical reports to all parties.
  • Daily field reports—Generate a complete diary of job site information including payroll, subcontract, units complete, equipment use, meetings, incidents, and more.
  • Punch lists—Effectively and completely close each phase of every job with up-to-the-minute to-do lists, including who is assigned to the work and who is responsible for payment.
  • Correspondence—Automatically store and track correspondence in your project database for future reference and reporting.
  • Project Hot List—Don’t miss important deadlines with the Project Hot List. Instantly know what items and documents you need to deal with today. The review feature will show all the invoices, change orders, purchase orders, subcontracts and other documents that need your attention. You can drill down to each document with a click of the mouse.   Back to top

Project Work Center
For contractors and builders, clear communication with clients and subcontractors is the key to success—one more reason you need Sage 100 Contractor in your back office. Quickly view and access important job elements that require your attention, such as project management and
accounting tasks, from a single screen.

The Project Work Center is your all-in-one command center for key project details. From one user-friendly screen, you can manage every essential task for a job. Arrange Sage 100 Contractor menu items to view only what you choose. Just click to access:

  • Hot lists—Easily see and act on all outstanding project management and accounting tasks.
  • Job costs—View high-level job information, such as approved changes and costs to date.
  • Gantt charts— Examine production schedule by task grid, Gantt chart or critical path.    Back to top

Equipment Management
Equipment can be a major expense and quickly contribute to cost overruns. With job costing construction software for Sage 100 Contractor, you can better allocate equipment costs to jobs, and track repair costs, and maintenance to ensure that you recoup these capital outlays. Take advantage of features such as:

  • Job allocation capability—Improve job cost data and job profitability analysis by allocating equipment costs to specific jobs.
  • Maintenance reports—Use down time to optimize your schedule with up-to-the-minute equipment maintenance schedule reports.
  • Financial information—Make more informed decisions by analyzing up-to-date equipment loan payments and depreciation information with automatically created reports and disbursements.
  • Analysis reports—Use cost, maintenance, and revenue records to quickly determine equipment profitability.
  • Rent, lease, or buy analysis—Compare ownership, lease, or rental options to make the right equipment decisions for your company.
  • Cost recovery analysis—Determine the optimal cost recovery rate for each piece of equipment.

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