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Sage 100 Contractor - Inventory

The Inventory portion of this add-on module allows you to manage basic stock and serialized items for all locations, bin numbers, Materials Safety Data Numbers (MSDN), and manufacturer identifications. You can also apply inventory to a job, re-price inventory, post shrinkage, or create finished goods inventory from stock items and labor.

Inventory sitting in your warehouse costs you money, so start putting your inventory dollars to work. Take control of your inventory and reduce costs with these Sage 100 Contractor inventory capabilities:

  • Shrinkage and loss prevention oversight—Track materials by inventory location and serial  number.
  • Warehouse labor-cost reduction—Use restocking reports to help automate the truck-stocking  process.
  • Customized inventory-valuation method—Select LIFO, FIFO, or WAC (weighted average cost)  valuation methods to suit your accounting needs.

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