Implementation Services

Implementation - CPA Technology Who benefits from this service?
This service is for a client who has purchased a brand new system or an existing client who has just purchased a new module.

How does it work?
A Sage Certified Consultant will meet with you to talk about your business processes, prepare a scope of work and to map out a project schedule.  This tells you what services we will be performing, the modules we will be implementing and the estimated time frame it will take to complete the project as well as a detailed budget which includes hours in dollars for our services as well as hours from your personnel.

What happens during the implementation?
While we are in the implementation process, we will schedule and meet with your project team to make sure the project remains on schedule, we will prepare an issues and resolution list, ensure the project remains on schedule and that you are satisfied with the progress being made.


For more information, call one of our Certified Consultants at CPA Technology at  (610) 862-1998.

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